Airport Security Training and Management

Date: 23.03.2016 Category: Airport Security

Airport security is becoming a growing concern all across the world and every single airport, out of the over 1,900 airports in the world, is taking every possible step to make their airport security foolproof. 

With the increase in air traffic and the simultaneous increase in the number of planes being hijacked, things such as bombs or banned substances finding their way to a country through air; almost all of us are aware of the importance of airport security. And thus airport authorities across the world are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that they have the best airport security in place.

According to IATA, in 2012 nearly three billion people from across the world chose to travel by air and nearly 47 million metric tons of cargo was transported by air; thus airports around the world are justified in making airport security a priority and hence ensuring their staff at all levels are appropriately trained in different aspects of airport security. Demand by airport authorities coupled with stricter regulations being put in place by the authorities has led to a growing demand for in-depth airport security programs, aimed at improving the knowledge of the staff as well as other people, and addressing every kind of security challenges faced by airports today.

Airport employees today are required to undergo a strict security training program which would encompass a wide range of aspects including general security awareness training, X-ray machine simulation and even computer based training. A few of the leading training programs even provide training in X-ray Pre-screener, ICAO, Emulator and Ports and Security Awareness; thus making their course an all encompassing one. At these training courses, airport employees are taught not only just how to recognize and analyze terrorist acts and other security threats but also how to act in such situations. The training program being offered at most schools is a good mix of a wide variety of aspects and employees get to learn about security law and regulations, emergency preparedness, security assessments and strategies to prevent such acts. These training programs teach students about ways of crisis prevention methods along with planning and emergency management skills too. The leading training providers make it a point to update their security training courses every couple of months in order to keep the trainees aware of the latest developments taking place and the latest procedures being adopted across airports of the world. All aspects of airport security management are addressed at these training programs right from operations to planning to management. Airports wanting their existing employees to stay in touch with evolving and current security standards also periodically make their employees attend such programs so as to upgrade their skill set.

Because of its growing demand, a lot of schools have started offering detailed airport security programs and give airport employees the option of taking up a regular classroom training program or even an online training program thus making it quite easy for airport employees to upgrade or learn new skills and thus ensure the safety of passengers, crew and cargo originating from their airport.