Anti-Piracy Laser Device

Date: 12.12.2015 Category: Naval

Anti-Piracy Laser Device

In the contemporary maritime world, piracy has been known to pose serious problems for navigators. Apparently, marine waters such as the Indian Ocean around the Somali waters, the Gulf of Aden among other shipping routes have been cited among the most notorious waters under the prying eyes of pirate attacks. As the malignant, perilous pirates advance their operations, the shipping agent in collaboration with the security agencies is also toiling day and night to raise the bar high enough for the Pirates.

With regard to the latest effort to fight piracy, the security personnel have used cutting edge technologies in attempt to develop a range of non-lethal anti-piracy devices to help counter piracy. The security system have developed weapons such as anti-piracy curtains, air burst munitions, Long-range acoustic devices, rubber ball grenade and anti-piracy laser devices, among others. This article mainly focuses on the anti-piracy laser device to drive the point home in the best way possible about the weapon.

Not limited to time of the day

This device’s incredible capabilities make it stand out perfectly well from others. The device utilizes light principles. Despite this, it can still find its use in the marine environment regardless of any time of the day (whether it’s day or night). The Laser also works comparatively well at relatively low power levels and at the same time, it is safe. Its effects are only temporary to the enemy.


Its effectiveness is built on the fact that it can work independently to achieve its purpose. This is because when fitted into a vessel, the laser distraction system could use its capabilities to locate pirates. It could as well, integrate the ship’s existing radar and sensor system to meet its power consumption needs as well as its surveillance capabilities. The device’s functionality also climbs a notch higher by incorporating some security features that deter pirates’ access to the device, if by any chance they manage to beat past the devices.


The State of its harmlessness is one among the most striking features. Usually, it is designed to pick and distract potential enemies. It distracts enemies (pirates) by dazzling them (producing a blinding effect) so that they can never have time to attack or aim at the vessel. Though, the weapon is not out yet for commercial purpose, it is worth noting that it works under some of the existing conventions such as the 1980’s Protocol IV Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons by the United Nations. This convention provided for a barn of laser weapons that damage the eyes permanently.

Long Range

Tests regarding the device show that they are capable of spotting pirates as far as 2 km away. It is also capable of disorienting attacks whenever they come close. A closer advance by the enemy makes it so impossible for them to use such weapons as RPGs and AK47s that often require a better view or aim. This is because the device produces intense glare that have a temporal effect on the eye. A laser effect could be something similar to aiming for a header in the direction of the sun while playing football out there on the pitch.