Anti pirate ship protection

Date: 23.03.2016 Category: Naval

In many regions around the world, piracy is not only prevalent, but arguably thriving. That is why it is important to arm yourself with the means to protect your ship, and the belongings and passengers upon it, from a potential pirate attack.

In any case, you'll need to be well protected and prepared should you plan on sailing in certain regions of the world. It is for this reason you should “pirate proof” your vessel, ensuring the safety (and maybe even survival) of yourself and your passengers when you hit those waves for some whale watching. Before I get started on some tips, let me briefly outline a few behaviors referred to as piracy:

·         Kidnapping specifically for ransom

·         Hostage taking

·         Sabotage resulting in a ship sinking

·         Extortion

·         Murder

·         Boarding a ship without permission

·         Robbery, be it the theft of items or the entire ship


Now onto some pirate proofing methods!

An electrical fence with barbed wire is a great pirate proofing method. It protects the sides of the ship, and no pirate would succeed in climbing over an electrical fence. Although these are non-lethal, the painful jolt of electricity will surely keep your vessel well protected. Many electric fences are able to be disassembled and reassembled with arguable ease, as a barbed wire fence surrounding a boat is generally unsightly for many eyes.

An anti piracy curtain is an interesting method of pirate-proofing. Basically a series of hoses are dangled on the starboard and port sides of a ship. Sea water is then passed through the hoses at a reasonable force. This makes them jostle and swing about in an unpredictable fashion. The force generated from these hoses swinging and the impact when connecting with a human attempting to climb the ship is quite powerful. People could be seriously or even fatally injured from these hoses.

The anti piracy fire hose is yet another effective method to deter pirates from raiding your ship. It is just like it sounds – the hoses disperse high pressure jets of water that are very powerful. This is very similar to the water cannon, another non-lethal pirate proofing method. Both of these devices will deliver an impenetrable, dangerously powerful stream of water. Another use is to use them to fill up incoming pirate boats, slowing them down and hindering the ship's maneuverability.

Yet another method of combating pirates is a boat trap, a kind of net specifically for maritime conflict. The nets are used to ensnare the propellers of incoming pirate boats. This will essentially disable their means of transportation, giving you the opening to escape. This is a good method to avoid conflict and make a clean getaway – instead of fighting the pirates off you are disabling their transportation.

Two other methods of pirate proofing involving lasers – the dazzle gun (a type of laser weapon that shines concentrated green lights that temporarily blind the eyes and potentially burn the retinas) and the anti-piracy laser (a device of similar build and purpose, that shines a bright red laser beam to distract and disorientate pirates), which both can be used in the daylight and at night time as well.

Bearing in mind the ferocity and tenacity most pirates harbor, and their unwavering will, it is good to be well prepared should you be sailing in waters known as dangerous or commonly inhabited by pirates. The methods above are but a handful of the many, many pirate-proofing methods available for ships and the crews of these ships. Take these precautionary methods to ensure safety upon the seven seas.