Anti-pirate water cannon system

Date: 12.12.2015 Category: Naval

Anti-pirate water cannon system

Oceans can sometimes become a place of terror and peril for its users by the ever scavenging pirates especially while shipping goods or passengers across the sea/ocean.  Normally, pirates use the first 15 minutes to attack a host vessel. The piracy hot spots are usually narrow passages such as the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. They collect considerable money through money paid as ransom to prevent deaths, loss of cargoes, or even loss of a ship.

To prevent further incidents of pirate attacks, security personnel have deployed the use of various anti-pirates systems. The systems in place have always helped to curb potential pirate attacks. Most of the technology used incorporates non-lethal weapons such as electric fences, Active Denial System, Long Range Acoustic Devices and Anti-pirate water cannons. This article mainly discusses the anti-pirate water cannon system as a technology for keeping pirates away from vessels.


The anti-pirate water system cannons utilize very high pressure to keep pirates at bay. Whenever there is a reported attack, the device work by directing high-powered volumes of water into the pirates’ vessels in an attempt to bring them under control over the shortest period. It is the most common method of keeping pirates away when the water is troubled (under attack by the terrorists). Normally, the crew will always line on the deck and use the high pressurized water to knock Pirates off the ships ladder and fill their vessels with water as well.


When the system is switched on, it requires no further manual operation. This allows the crew to buy more time to seek cover elsewhere in a safer place. The high pressure keeps the cannon operational until it is safe enough. An effective rotation of around 3-6/rpm is among some of its unique features that optimizes on its effectiveness. There are also some vessels that come with the cannon etched on them while others don’t necessarily have the cannons at their disposals. Instead, they are meant to be used on a temporary basis. The cannon utilizes pressure principles to achieve its purposes. Any other additive like foam or chemical is never necessary because the high pressure is usually high enough to work effectively.

Other designs

Some of these anti-pirate water cannon systems are known to incorporate extra security measures with an aim of keeping their assailants as far as possible. These cannons are sometimes fitted with razor-sharp barbed wire that discourages pirates from gaining further access on board. The Nature of these wires is that they are feeble such that they can never offer support to something heavy that clings to them. These perimeter protections in conjunction with the water cannon system could just be the right methods to draw a rift between the pirates and the crew members.

The perimeter protection uses razor sharp edges, with galvanized steel cores. This technology gives the protection an extra strength. Any attempt to cut the wire to gain access will always prove futile unless the assailants employ the use of the highest quality bolt-cutters. Other cannons also integrate the use of electric perimeter fences for protection against pirates. All these reinforcements make the anti-pirate water cannon system a protection that is reliable. This technology seems to be promising and headed to the right direction in the future of maritime transport.