Border Security - Intelligent detection for borders

Date: 12.12.2015 Category: Border Security

Border Security - Intelligent detection for borders


Most countries share miles of land border with others, as well as rivers, lakes and coastal waters. The borders are very critical economic gateways that account for lots of money in trade and travel each year. Some cities and communities are also located at the borders. Protecting the borders from the illegal passage of weapons, drugs, contraband, and people while at the same time ensuring lawful entry and exit of people across the border is essential to enhancing economic prosperity and national sovereignty.

Security of the borders is guaranteed through the deployment of personnel, modern technology, and protective infrastructure. Corporation with neighbours is the other activity aimed at border security. Marine agents, air agents, border Patrol agents and officers guard front lines; preventing terrorists and weapons from entry into the country. An increase in border patrol staffing, development of new and maintenance of protective infrastructure, fencing, as well as the use of modern technology all aim at protecting the borders from illegal entry of people and weapons. Technological equipment used in border security include aerial assets, radars and sensors, modern entry ports and real-time information sharing, all working to ensure the safety of the borders.

Border Patrol agents

These are officers with the primary mission of preventing illegal immigration, a mission that has remained unchanged for so many years. They have a priority role in preventing terrorists and weapons that could cause destruction if left to enter the country. The border patrol agents keep watch over both land borders and coastal boundaries. Stopping illegal immigration and the stoppage of entry of narcotics across borders are very complex duties, involving high risks and, thus, the need for proper training for offence and defence. Other additional duties of border patrol agents include control of human trafficking and illegal entry of agricultural products into the country. This is done in borders, airports and seaports.

Border radars

Border radar is a radio wave object detection system that helps in the determination of direction, range altitude as well as the speed of objects that move across the frontier. This system increases border patrol agents visibility and may be used to detect the movement of spacecraft, vehicles, missiles, ships, and people across the border. The data provided by radar includes the position and the speed of any moving object.

Border Sensors

With the increased risk of smugglers across borders, the use of sensors that can detect any slight movement within ten metres becomes essential. This is what border sensors do. They may sometimes be buried underground to avoid detection by the criminals. Border sensors ensure the detection of any slight movement of people and objects.

Aerial border assets

Border patrol from the air such as the use of aircraft has become of great importance especially when covering longer distances. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are a modern development in the field of aerial patrol. They carry no individual and can be controlled remotely. This has become useful especially as it reduces the risk caused when border criminals open fire when resisting arrest.