Combat dozer blade and demining vehicles

Date: 12.12.2015 Category: De-mining

Combat dozer blade

Both manmade and natural obstacles may prove to be a major problem in battle operations. It is, therefore, essential for a group of people in a battle to have a mechanism to ensure this issue is solved. The use of combat dozer blades is a commonly embraced method. The Finnish army, the U.S army and the British army have successfully used this method in different battles. The combat dozer blade is fitted on a vehicle to make it pass through any obstructions such as trees, and sometimes stones. This opens the route for subsequent operations.

Carbon steel with a very high tensile is usually used in building the combat dozer blades. This makes them adamant. It can, therefore, withstand the enormous weight of loads that often result from moving massive obstacles, to create a way for operations. The COG (Centre of Gravity) is larger due to the vehicle structure to increase the stability of the vehicle. To prevent the obstacles being moved from accumulating on top of the vehicle, an extension of the blade is fitted on the upper part of the main blade to move the obstacles away from the vehicle.

Armoured Bulldozer

Armour is a protective covering, which is usually made of metal that is used in combat. Armoured Bulldozer is, therefore, a protected vehicle that is used on battlefields. This equipment combines the features of earthmoving bulldozers and those of the armour, which results in maximum protection of the vehicle and its operators. These bulldozers have the primary role of being used in real combat. Earth moving is a secondary role given to them.

Armoured earth mover

Compared to armoured bulldozers, armoured earth movers are slightly lighter and have fewer functions. They, however, have very high-speed mobility than the armoured bulldozers. They are protected from effects of battle operations just like the armoured bulldozer. Their main role is to facilitate earth-moving activities in the battle.

Breacher Vehicle

Breaching opponent’s obstacles is an evitable part of the battlefield. Breaching vehicles are specially designed to make breaching easier. They are usually modified armoured vehicles or sometimes very particular purpose vehicles that create a clear way for other combat operations. Mechanical fails, mine ploughs and mine rollers are the typical examples of breaching vehicles.

Bridging vehicles

Sometimes the battlefield may have several small ditches and waterways. In this case, a special vehicle may be used to enable quicker crossing of these ditches and waterways. Bridging vehicles are designed for this purpose. They carry bridges that are used in crossing ditches and rivers. The vehicle is armoured to protect itself and its crew.

Combat engineer section carriers

Most armies have their engineers with them whenever they go. In such cases, the safety of the engineers is usually given priority. They have a large carrying capacity that accommodates the engineers. The vehicle is usually armed with grenade launchers and machine guns. It is also tracked. The security of the vehicle and the combat engineers is upheld by the fact that the vehicle is armoured.