Convoy Jammers

Date: 23.03.2016 Category: Military - Defense

Military technology has advanced rapidly over the years; satellites and handheld cameras were not utilized during the Cold War in the 70’s, particularly because they were not developed yet. It’s remarkable to think that in the 70’s and 80’s, and the peak of Cold War tensions, where spies and covert operations shed light on the enemies intentions didn’t have the luxuries we have today. These types of technologies weren’t used, both in military or civilian usage until the early 90’s. Technology has evolved at a rapid rate, now we can take high resolution pictures using airplanes travelling at hundreds of miles above ground, or using radar detection to ensure homeland security. But one of the most interesting developments of modern technological advances is the use of Convoy Jammers. Convoy jammers look like a regular SUV to the untrained eye but the advanced technology used is intricately hidden in the roof of most vehicles.  In order to counteract the threat of remote controlled bombings these vehicles are equipped with the tools to prevent such attacks at home or abroad.

What are Convoy Jammers?

A set of high-grain antennas-located in the roof, made of fiberglass- which transmits the jamming frequency up to a combined total output of 1585 watts. Either the driver or passenger has the capability of opening the frequency to jam any potential hazards. Vehicle speed does not hinder the capabilities of such jamming devices, which is essential for military use. Convoy Jammers are used to reduce the risk involving remote controlled IED attacks caused by: cellular based IEDs, satellite phone IEDs, radio triggered weapons made from commercial products. Convoy jammers look like a typical car or SUV, but they protect, not only the passengers of the vehicle but those in close proximity of the vehicle(s) from potentially remote controlled hazards.






Medical vehicles

Police vehicles


An ultra-broadband jamming device that has 20MHz – 3000MHz with the ability to jam frequencies continuously or simultaneously at the driver or passengers discretion. High-grain antennas concealed in a fiberglass overhead roof, giving the vehicle a sleek inconspicuous look. Integrated battery that gives continual silent jamming capabilities, equipped with additional generators for use when vehicle is not started. Every vehicle has an on/off switch located on the dashboard for each individual frequency band and can be manipulated to fit the needs of those the vehicle is designated to protect. Every vehicle has a specially made protective shell to withstand body impact by small arms and ammunitions, as well as four cameras one in the front, one in the back, and one on each of the sides of the vehicle which are monitored in the front seat of the vehicle.

How/When to use Convoy Jammers

These vehicles are intended to be used in only the harshest of circumstances. In the United States it is illegal to jam radio signals and any form of bomb jamming devices are strictly regulated by United States Department of the State and British governments. These devices are meant solely for the use of military personnel or advanced police units, and are not meant to be used by civilians in any form.