EOD Robotics

Date: 07.04.2016 Category: De-mining

In simple words, this form of Robotics is a term based around robots and the way they are built.  After the first machine-human robot was seen in a film in 1927, the field of robotics has seen tremendous advances being made. Today, we have many different sub-fields of robotics where in many different types of robots are being used in varied situations for varied roles.

One relatively newer field of robotics which is being increasingly used by military armies across the world is that of EOD Robotics which involves the use of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot and other similar devices. The field of this robotics makes use of portable X-ray systems, projected water disrupters, bomb containment chambers, ZEUS and EOD suits among others.

The military services of many developed countries have successfully made use of robots to fight terror and unauthorized activities and EOD Robotic devices too are quite favorable among military establishments across countries.  An EOD robot is a small robot which is portable and is usually mounted on tracks or wheels. They are small in size and are used by military forces and law enforcement agencies for the safe disposal of explosives such as mines, explosive devices and other dangers that would threaten human life. These EOD robots can even help can repair friendly vehicles and sabotage enemy assets too. EOD robotic devices are small in size and their miniscule size helps them access difficult locations with ease.

The EOD suit, one kind of EOD Robotic device, makes use of new material technology and design which helps protect the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) soldier from threats which are related to IEDs such as fragmentation, impact, blast overpressure, heat, and flame. The EOD suit provides protection at varied levels to specific body regions. Another popular EOD robotic device that has turned out to be quite useful is the EOD X ray system. The EOD X Ray system identifies and analyses the components inside an ordnance and hence gives the operator precise knowledge about the contents of the ordnance and thus the action to be taken. Being highly precise, the digital EOD X ray system finds itself quite routinely used in most ordnance operations across countries.

In some cases, the EOD robotic devices are also fitted with a small high explosive charge which they place near unexploded artisan or other ordnance. Others like the projected water disrupters destroy bombs by making use of a water-projectile shaped charge. Personnel using the projected water disrupters have the option of using directional projected water disrupters or omni-directional projected water disrupters according to the situation they are faced with.

EOD Robots are increasingly being used since they not only serve in saving precious human life but are also more economical since it is relatively more expensive to train an ordnance disposal squad. Buying and using an EOD robotic device is, on the other hand, cheaper. Since the technicians trained in handling EOD Robotic devices can maneuver the device using a control system from a distance, these devices are proving to be extremely useful for both safety purpose as well as economically.