Executive Protection And Bodyguard Training

Date: 07.04.2016 Category: Training

It is common to hear most law enforcing authorities today claiming that the security of high ranking officials in their respective government is never assured every time they visit some places on earth. That is of course true, given that there places and countries to be precise that are usually regarded as ‘terror hotbeds’. But diplomatic missions have to be carried even in such countries. That is why so many governments these days take insecurity within and beyond their borders seriously. To counter terrorist attacks, they put some of their military personnel under executive protection and bodyguard training. So just what do people learn in such courses? Better yet, what is the place of such courses in 21 century?

Terrorism trends

Terrorism is always evolving. Terror attacks that happened a few years ago and the ones that take place today exude different tendencies.it is therefore prudent to appreciate this fact while trying to combat terror. That way, one can understand how terror is funded, where it thrives the most and areas that are at risk of terror attacks. These are aspects that one can learn by observing terror trends.  Then there is the fact that there are terror acts that exude unique tendencies. These are attacks that are hard to understand or rather classify.  One cannot know for sure whether they were funded by extremist groups or they were just but ‘the works of an individual’ avenging for something.  You get to learn these things in executive protection and bodyguard training.


There is no way one can protect an executive without a proper weapon.  This actually happens to be one of the most important things one can learn in a bodyguard training. But it never starts and ends with just weapons.  One has to first understand how the most sophisticated weapons can be used to protect a high ranking official. Make no mistake about it, this is usually a different course from what military men and women are often put through.  The course is usually designed for both the strong and the intelligent and usually has no age restrictions or gender preferences.

Defensive driving

This sounds like something one should or can learn in a driving school. Of course one can do that. But that is never enough. In fact, the skills one can learn in a driving school as far as defensive driving is concerned can never be used to protect a high ranking government official or an executive.  Bodyguards and other personnel in the disciplined forces are usually put through this seemingly simple course.


Evacuation basics

Evacuation is one of the most vital elements of executive protection training. Any terror attack on insecurity incident that occurs anywhere with high dignitaries should have an evacuation plan for the high ranking personnel. That is mainly because terrorists usually target executives and the aforementioned government officials. A class on how to safely evacuate them in the event of an attack can therefore go a long way to curb attacks that target them.