Facial Recognition System and Software

Date: 12.12.2015 Category: Surveillance

Facial Recognition System and Software

Face recognition comes under biometric identification like iris, retina, finger prints etc. The features of the face are called biometric identifiers. The biometric identifiers are not easily falsified; misplaced or shared hence access through biometric identifier gives us a better secure way to provide service and security. Being one of the most popular biometric modalities, facial recognition has a very wide range of applications. It is a unique, measurable characteristic of a person's face for identification. Leveraging a smartphone, tablet or computer’s built-in camera facial recognition software can be used to replace the password on a user’s accounts and it can be used by retailers and marketers to gather crucial demographic data. In law enforcement the technology can aid in the identification of wanted persons and in border control deployments it can streamline security operations.

Facial recognition software utilized by intelligence agencies and the military is currently being imported from places like Iraq and Afghanistan to local United States police departments. The software works to determine the distance between a suspects eyes or the shape of their lips – and is able to identify over 16,000 distinct points on a face. The technology then compares the points with thousands of other similar points in booking and other photos at a rate of more than one million faces per second. Face recognition software are now being developed by different companies all over the globe not only for the military purposes but for everyone capable of buying it to access anytime, anywhere. 

The spy glasses, called the X6, are capable of matching the faces of thousands of people added to “watch lists” by government agencies. About 500 of the glasses have been bought by the Defense Intelligence Agency. The X6′s are designed by the Osterhout Design Group headed by Ralph Osterhout – known as the real-life version of James Bond character Q! The glasses have the components of an Android phone and also have mapping and telephone capabilities.

The latest software FBI uses was known as “NGI System”, this software is not only just about cameras though, the system is able to spot and search for scars, tattoos, birth marks. It can also identify a person through eyeballs, voice, and walking style. FBI was interested on using this system to identify a random person in the crowd and track them as they move.

Closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) and other digital cameras are now developed with face recognition software. CCTV or video surveillance was used for security purposes especially for investigations in a crime scene. With the new face recognition software, the CCTV will not only record videos but also be able to recognize faces that pass through it. This will make any investigation easier to track down suspects and witnesses.

It’s not enough for the military to monitor you from afar only from a specific place like CCTV. They want to know you through and through. And the answer to that problem is the latest and one of the most futuristic inventions ever made, drones with face recognition software. It can identify anyone from a far distance covering a wide space to scan.