Israeli Counter Terrorism Training

Date: 23.03.2016 Category: Training

Israel has for a long time been in conflict with Palestine. The two countries share separate ideologies that go over and beyond religion. This has made her prone to terrorist attacks from not just Palestine but terrorists who take sides with Palestine. Note that Palestine as a whole is not a terrorist nation. As a matter of fact, there are Palestinians who get along with Israelis so well. Problem steps in where there are radicals who are ready to die while fighting for their ideals. Strangely, Israel has managed to keep her citizens safe from terror attacks. Terrorism training has played a key role in this endeavor, so just what makes Israeli Counter Terrorism so special? 

Early introduction to terrorism aspects

Schooling in Israel is not complete without a kid learning a thing or two about the cause of action to take in case of a terror attack at home or at school. It is pretty much like what other schools teach when it comes to first aid and social studies. This kind of early exposure to what terror is happens to be one of the main reasons why terror is no longer a huge threat to Israelis. It should however be noted that not all children in Israel learn these basics. The appropriate age is usually for school going children.

Advanced technology

Technology plays a big role when it comes to combating war or terror. Israel and most countries in the Middle East understand this fact so well. That explains why they have invested heavily in technological studies that can aid their governments to fight war on terror. It also explains why different explosive detectors originated from either Israel or a Middle East country.

Civic education

Israeli citizens know for sure that terror is a threat that lives among them. They have therefore taken it upon themselves to learn more about terror and what to do in case of a terror attack. It gets better with the fact that most citizens in Israel are always more than willing to enroll in Israeli counter terrorism training. The training features rigorous courses that ensure one understand terror in all dimensions. That is, factors that influence terror crimes, where terror crimes thrive the most and how to combat it even with minimal resources.


In other words, anyone can benefit from Israeli counter terrorism training. You don’t have to be an Israeli. There are in fact, online courses for those who wish to get started with the theoretical aspects of Israeli counter terrorism training.  The online courses are of course, not entirely focused on terrorism in Israel but in other countries as well.  One can therefore benefit immensely from the course and understand what terror in the modern world is all about. From the online courses, one can then proceed to take the real course complete with practical lessons in Israel.  People working with law enforcing authorities and those working in disciplined forces are greatly encouraged to take the course.