Maritime Asset Protection

Date: 07.04.2016 Category: Naval

Finding a maritime asset protection company and finding a competent maritime asset protection company that can protect your assets against conventional and non-conventional security risks are two different things. You can find just about any company to protect your maritime assets. But when it comes to finding a company that can guarantee you utmost professionalism and value for your money, you have to sweat a bit. That is because such companies are not there in plenty. There are just a handful of them. The best you can do is to sacrifice your time and of course, money. But that is not everything. In fact, it is just but scratching the surface of what the entire process is all about. So just how do you find that ultimate maritime asset protection service provider? Read on to learn more

Security policies

Forget about factors like company reputation or a companies’ experience. One thing matters the most when it comes to maritime asset protection –understanding security policies. There is a reason for that. Security can determine whether or not your asset at sea stays safe.  Then there is the fact that different countries have different security policies. Any company protecting or managing a private maritime asset should therefore be able to understand different security policies put up by countries to protect their waters - anything less than that can easily mean breaching a security policy and facing the repercussions.


This too, is another important factor to consider when vetting a maritime asset protection company. A competent company should be able to help you evaluate the quality of your security management program. This can be done by auditing the reliability of with which procedures and policies are considered and implemented on the shore and at sea.  If there is of instance any form of complacency or poor practice or even a knowledge gap, your desired company should be able to provide you with practical remedies that can help you to the overall security situation of your business. This takes time and a lot of consulting, so be ready to spend time as far as auditing is concerned.

Policy development

Any maritime asset protection expert will tell you for a fact that the best security programs are always rooted and pegged on excellence. In simple terms, your maritime asset protection company should have security policies, procedures and practices that are clearly articulated and well thought out. The company should also appreciate the fact that the maritime policies are always changing. Appreciating this simple fact simply means the company is versatile enough to cope up with changes that may occur when you least expect.

Experience and track record

These two factors go hand in hand. Hiring an experienced company with a clean track record and stellar reviews from previous clients is usually the way to go. Unfortunately, people seem to prefer hiring little known companies with no experience at all and average ratings. Go for the former may mean you will pay more but that should not be a problem when you can be assured of impeccable services.