Military Optronics

Date: 12.12.2015 Category: Military - Defense

Optronics for armoured vehicle and aircrafts

Use of optoelectronics in the modern world has proven to be very efficient. Optoelectronics is abbreviated as optronics. It is the study of a small class of photonics that deals with electronic devices that source light, control the light and can detect light from another source. Radiations and other forms of invisible rays are the main elements detected sourced and monitored by optoelectronics. These emissions include infrared, x-rays, gamma rays and ultraviolet. An interaction of these light and electric fields form the basis on which optronics work. The transducers of these devices work on an electrical optical or optical-electrical basis.

The application of these devices ranges from military to commercial and general private uses. In military, imaging and data sensors are used by submarines. They are used to provide an essential awareness and can be used to contact reconnaissance. The devices can be used in object tracking, targeting functions and early danger warnings. Also, they can be integrated with military weapons to be used in combats.

These devices use some modern technological inventions to increase their efficiency. They are usually integrated with other devices to suit certain specific functions. The following are among the most common optronic devices.

1.High Definition Colour Camera

During day lights and low light situations, these cameras will provide very high-resolution images of different colours. The images produced contain every detail. Those cameras are usually placed in strategic locations to monitor certain areas. One of the drawbacks of these cameras is that they do not work during darkness.

2.Infra-red camera

To solve the main shortcoming of high-definition cameras, infrared cameras are used.  These types of cameras can efficiently work in low light situations and even at night. The cameras can be short-wave or medium-wave, and produce very detailed images.

3.Fusion view devices

Images produced by the infrared cameras can be used in overlaying very high definition colours. This is done with a powerful signal processing chip. The high definition images can be used in target identification. Tracking the target can also be made possible by the chip.

4.Laser range finder

Used mainly in reconnaissance systems, these devices can be used to provide very efficient and precise images from a distant range. The lasers provide enough details that can easily be used for target identification. When integrated with other weapon systems, it is very useful in combat operations.

5.Target tracking devices

The process of tracking targets using infrared cameras can be disabled by different types of obstructions. Need for a particular kind of camera for this purpose is, therefore, very essential. These devices use a sophisticated target tracking algorithms to provide very accurate target tracking; with very minimal obstruction. It can work in different types of environments

6.Global positioning system

To accurately determine the position of a target, a unique system is used. With real-time kinematic calculations, the targets position is accurately determined and can be tracked. The systems are GPS built-in. They can rotate, and elevate depending on the position of the target.