Mine clearance vehicle plough

Date: 06.01.2016 Category: De-mining

Military ploughs are not your typical run of the mill snow ploughs; snow ploughs push snow and other road obstructions to the side, but these very heavy and strong military ploughs are a bit more advanced. The structure of these goliath-like truck is something to behold; a large thick steel exterior vehicle with an all-purpose built transportation and installation pallet for lifting heavy objects. But what makes this vehicle unlike any other military device is the large bulldozer blades on the front, back, and some models even have them on the sides. These blades are huge, and what they do is it sifts through the soil, turning the earth’s crust like a witch turning her brew. These blades can either turn the soil in search of hidden explosives or do what regular ploughs do and push the soil to the side. It’s all up to the person controlling the vehicle.


Military Ploughs serve a very important role, using the heavy-duty blades in the front and rear of the vehicle it rakes deep into the soil bringing hidden threats to the surface. Once it is brought to the surface the vehicle moves the explosives providing safe passage for operations. The blades bring the potential threats to the surface, while the long, crane-like extremities move them out of the way so military personnel can safely travel along roads to finish a particular operation. More often than not, in areas where hidden mines or explosives is a real problem these vehicles will be marched out and can be the decisive factor in saving soldier lives from hidden threats.

Track Width Mine Plough for Heavy Tracked Vehicles

Military ploughs in general churn the soil in search of IEDs and hidden explosives, but the structure and abilities vary with the size of the plough. One of those designs is for heavy tracked vehicles that can rapidly clear mines and IEDs from paths, it’s thick exterior minimizes the effects of detonating hidden hazards, can function in almost all types of soils, including sand and dry soils. These heavy tracked vehicles are equipped with two hydraulic lift cylinders stow and deploy blades. The hydraulic system is controlled from a central multipurpose control unit mounted within the front seat of the vehicle, easy access for driver and passenger.

Track Width Mine Ploughs for Medium Tracked Vehicles

Believe it or not, mine ploughs don’t have to be for the bulky, thick steel imposing structures, even the smaller vehicles have this ability. These vehicles serve the same purpose as their heavy tracked counterparts, with much of the same capabilities. These can function in almost all types of soils, minimizes the effects of detonating hidden hazards, very strong steel body and blades and requires little maintenance. But something these vehicles can do that the others can’t; they can move at a quicker pace removing hidden hazards quicker, what it lacks in traction control, it makes up for in speed and effectiveness. They can also be jettisoned from under armor should the need ever arise.