Pipeline monitoring and security

Date: 12.12.2015 Category: Security

"Pipeline monitoring and security"

1.Pipeline system: - Need and scope.

Pipeline systems are the highly utilized facility for the transportation of goods from the area of production in the remote areas of delivery. Pipeline systems are mostly buried or submarine. We can classify them on the basis of their delivery system as gathering pipelines, transportation pipelines and distribution pipelines. The goods or substances, mostly transported through pipelines either petroleum products, e.g. crude oil and petroleum gases or materials of high interest for civil or military organizations.

As per data from pipeline and gas journal’s world wide survey 190,905 km of pipeline is planned to construct,  out of  these, 143,193 km projects in the planning and design phase while 47,712 km pipeline is in various stages of construction with involvement of  huge amounts of financial and resource investments.

2.Challenges in pipeline management.

Fabrication of a long network of pipelines with consideration of all environmental, social, and federal liabilities is just one aspect, security and maintenance of pipelines is another upcoming challenge for the growing pipeline industry.

Pipelines can be the soft target ofmilitary or terrorist attack during the war along with vandalism and sabotage activities. Pipelines transporting flammable or hazardous material, such as natural gas or oil, industrial chemicals and gases, pose special safety concerns. Keeping pipelines safe throughout their span is really a big challenge as conventional patrolling and manual monitoring is really having very limited scope with the challenges of inaccessible, long and tough terrains along  the pipeline.

3.Pipeline security and maintenance solutions

To ensure the security, pipeline industries adopted mixed protection systems during initial phases usingarmed guards with close circuit television monitoring which radially shifted to more efficient, economical and sophisticated electronic technologies now days.

Wireless sensor and actuator network applications (WSAN) and Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) application technologies are utilized with their utilities and limitations in different environments.

These both are high end cutting edge sensor based technologies which utilizing all terrain rough, self processing capable sensor based devices those run along the pipeline and detect sensor interference based imaging and acoustic sensing to pinpoint the damage or infiltration and suspicious activities around the concerned pipeline areas with alarm systems to prevent any kind of infiltration.

Along with pipeline industry, military and border security organization could be thetargeted clients to use such high end technologies in their border fencing, zero infiltration zones and high security areas..