RFID vehicle access control

Date: 12.12.2015 Category: Security

RFID vehicle access control

Military solutions are greatly improved by radio frequency identification technique (RFID). What is RFID? RFID is a stylistic device mainly used in military, planning or creation of order. It uses a tag and reader combination for applications in vehicle identification and access control.

There is a Passive radio frequency identification which does not use batteries and when used it is attached to the window of the vehicle. When the vehicle nears or approaches the tag it is read by RFID in a distance of around ten meters these give an allowance for the barrier to detect and open for any oncoming vehicle. Military’s RFID vehicle access control system with high identification accuracy is designed to track and manage vehicles in parking areas or gated communities to give room for accurate vehicle tracking as well as easy in-and-out access for drivers. The current RFID vehicles access control system consists have passive RFID windshield sticker tags attached to the windshields of vehicles, and readers is installed on fixed overhead or roadside structures identifying cars in motion. With this RFID vehicle access control solution, car information can be automated gathered to enable efficient vehicle management.

The vehicle access control solution is supported by long range RFID readers with long read range of up to fifteen meters depending on the tags, as well as smart card type tags or RFID labels used for drivers’ licenses and access control tickets. Additionally a unique code for identification is made for each vehicle through a windshield sticker tag that is tamper-resistant for the safe processing of the tracking system of vehicles in the RFID.

They enable Informative definition for parking Space, Size and vehicles locations,  Informative definition for Driver&vehicle owner , Informative definition for Vehicles data, Comprehensive definition for each Gates and its function, Comprehensive definition for Shifts&Periods for Vehicles access, Full log and audit trial, in and out access vehicles, Check and Validate entrance on database before access to avoid double entry, Support in and out access Route , they also support users privilege and security levels, Support Multiple story Parking, Support traffic tickets and penalties, User friendly dashboard for showing the peak time analysis and parking utilization. The benefits of these radio frequency identification include; Vehicle entrance from certain gates, Assurance of the correct vehicle at the right area in the exact timing, Dashboard for in-out & inside vehicles, Automatic & centralized control for all gates, and installment without any network cables with all features & capabilities..

This RFID are very important in airports. Airports are challenged with the complicated system of ground transportation management, air quality control, security enforcement, and revenue collection. They are therefore designed, implemented, and used to support complex transportation management projects in airports, for instance Dulles International Airport, Denver International Airport, and the Doha International Airport. Airport RFID services include; Parking and access control, System design and integration, Wide range of hardware and software products, Revenue management, Commercial vehicle management systems and therefore in summary it aids in Nonstop, hands-free revenue collection with automatic billing, fast interoperability with many regional and local vehicles that are RFID-tagged already in the field, enhanced dispatch capabilities, reduced curbside congestion and Increased fleet visibility, decreased congestion and Improved traffic flow that minimizes the emissions of carbon.