Under vehicle inspection system

Date: 12.12.2015 Category: Security

Under vehicle inspection and surveillance system


This system contains imaging mechanism inside and is used for the detection of threats. The acronym used for under vehicle inspection system is UVIS. This system checks for any threat to the security and is mostly mounted on the highway and roadway for checking the vehicles and check for any destructive material present beneath the trucks, cars, and other vehicles.

Nowadays there are many threats to the security and to control and detect these threats many tools and devices are used. Like an efficient security maintaining person, it works with accuracy. This mechanism to maintain security is the blessing of technology. This system has been in use from the 1980s, but now it is in more developed and efficient form. With the improvements in the technology, the system also flourished and now is an important device of military and other security maintaining departments.

Working of under vehicle inspection system:

This system contains imaging system, the photos of the undercarriages of the cars, trucks, wagons, buggies and taxies are taken by the camera for a hand operated visual inspection by the security maintaining persons.

But now automatic systems are also available in the market. Automatic under vehicle inspection system uses robots for operating the device. They are much efficacious than manual under vehicle inspection systems as they remain active all the time.

Under Vehicle inspection system gets the pictures of the undercarriages of the vehicles when they reach the checkpoint and then these photos are transferred to the control unit where military and security maintainers can check them on their monitor and can take action according to the situation.

Types of under vehicle inspection system:

There are many types of under vehicle inspection systems now available:

fixed vehicle inspection system

permanent vehicle inspection system

portable vehicle inspection system

All the types of vehicle inspection system serve the same purpose but with a little bit different manner. Now for more efficiency and better results much other securities related software are included in under vehicle inspection system which makes it a kind of robot ready to detect any kind of threat.

License plate recognition feature makes it easier for the security personals to easily detect that the vehicle is stolen or there is something wrong with the vehicle. Traditional vehicle inspection systems used black and white cameras, but now colored cameras are used which clear each and every portion of the image.

Now under vehicle inspection systems have the ability to work even in cold weather and in the rain. MANTA is a portable under vehicle inspection system that has the ability to easily and quickly detect the suspicious vehicles and check the undercarriages of the vehicles.

Fixed under vehicle inspection systems are very efficient and they are easily installed and used. They can also be used by a simple person. There is no need of any special training for using it, as it is a simple device. Now under vehicle inspection system are in use at military bases, sensitive areas, big industries and refineries