Understanding Narcotic Detectors

Date: 07.04.2016 Category: Detection

Substance abuse is one of the biggest issues especially among youth due to easy availability and distribution of drugs. Drugs are chemical compounds that affectthe nervous system of humans and animal. In moderate doses it dampens the senses, relieves pain and cause profound sleep and in excessive amounts, it can cause stupor, coma or convulsions. Narcotics are usually associated with negative implication as it is addictive and therefore are illegal. Common drugs available illegally are marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and heroin.

Using trained dogs to detect drugs and similar things

Despite the illegal status drug trafficking is a huge industry. It causes numerous accidents and deaths. Hence, it is warranted to prevent this by effective detection of these controlled substances. One of the most employed narcotic/drug detectors is the use of trained dogs. Drug detection dogs are most resourceful in locating drugs sophisticatedly concealed in vehicles, buildings, airports, commercial trucks, planes, trains, open spaces and parcels such as luggage, boxes, etc. These dogs are trained to recognize the odor of variety of drugs and narcotics present even in small quantities. They have acute sense of smell that can penetrate into otherwise inaccessible places. Law enforcement agencies rely greatly on the effectiveness of drug detection dogs in assisting them to locate illegal narcoticsand shut down their distribution.

The breed of dogs usually used for drug detections are golden or Labrador retrievers, huskies and blood hounds. The detection dogs can not only sniff out drugs but they can also pursue the culprit for up to 100 miles. Even in the presence of other strong odors, these dogs can distinguish and locate drugs from their smell. The detection dogs are trained to detect the presence of narcotics and then alert authorities by pawing at the surface or sitting down besides the source. This behavior provides the law enforcement authorizes a valid reason to search the indicated location.

Testing for drugs

Drug testing is also among important narcotic/drug detectors. There are advanced drug detector kits available in the market. These kits can be used to confirm the nature of any suspicious substance. These kits are particularly useful for parents to confirm the presences of drugs in their kids’ room. The results of the drug testing kits are immediate – within few minutes. Moreover, the results are found to be accurate without the possibility of false positive. These drug testing methods are also used at large scale. For instance, school uses this method to ensure that students do not smuggle any illegal drug or substance. This method is also used by law enforcement to detect the presence of drugs. The field identification kit is more sophisticated, with straightforward application and minimal training requirement.

Trace detection

Trace detection is another way to screen for drugs. It operates by collecting the microscopic amounts of drugs in form of vapor or/and particulates and analyzing it. The drug vapors are collected by acquiring a sample of air adjacent to a solid mass of a drug. The trace detection equipments are highly sensitive and effective as the vapor amount is extremely minute.