Uses and Benefits of License Plate Recognition System

Date: 12.12.2015 Category: Surveillance

Uses and Benefits of License Plate Recognition System


Vehicle license plates are nowadays being investigated by the systems which use optical character recognition or OCR. The optical character recognition is used to read motor vehicle’s license plates in video images. These systems are therefore known as the License Plate Recognition Systems or the Automatic License Plate Recognition.

How do LPR systems work?

This camera system is mounted in a fixed location on police cars. It is equipped with software that searches for a motor vehicle’s license plate to get details. Once it senses the license plate, OCR captures the image, extract numbers and letters on the plate. The data extracted is therefore compared with the data in the databases and then stored for future references. This stored data are kept in the National Automatic Number Plate Recognition data center where it will be analyzed to get full information.

The data recorded in the Nation ALPR includes:



The vehicle’s photo

The immediate zone of the vehicle

Aptitude of ALPR system in criminal investigation

After analysis of the action, the data recorded can help in: 

The identification of witness

Knowing the suspect

Recognizing the pattern

Developing the watch list

Interdicting the terrorist

Digital Cameras Technology

Comparing all cameras used by ALPR systems, digital camera views more than other analog cameras. Digital camera therefore captures a large physical area compared to the area taken by an analog camera which captures images with very little license plate area.

Types of LPR/ALPR cameras

The sharpX

The sharp

The AutoVu plate reader cloud

The sharpX

This is an automatic license plate recognition camera which is the part of AutoVu system and it is based on anIP. This is a leading camera in the industry in terms of license reading speed. The sharp X camera has integrated illumination and a very high resolution.

The sharp

It is an Auto Vu system camera based on the IP. This camera links over any wired or wireless network due to the provision of sophisticated analytics.

The AutoVu plate reader cloud

This is a cost effective ALPR that offers a number of ALVR systems solutions.   It also offers off the shelf video investigation cameras with the capabilities of ALPR. It also reduces the requirements of a local server by moving its engine in the cloud.

Uses of LPR Systems

The following are some of the uses of LPR systems:

As typical speed cameras

At the gas filling stations

When monitoring the boundary crossings

As an enforcement for all police

In driving through the recognition  of a customer

For managing the traffic

Needs for you to use ANPR

When you make use of an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), you will be able to discourage and detect criminals in your local, regional, national and also force level by attacking the criminals travelling and also the terrorist groups.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, the enforcement agencies of the law and the use of ALPR systems are increasing at a high rate around the nations.