Ways of Tracking Weapons in New Technology

Date: 12.12.2015 Category: Military - Defense

Ways of Tracking Weapons in New Technology - System and Software


Weapons tracking systems provide the audit trail of weapons record. There is a technology of convenient radio frequency (RFID) that is being utilized to track assets, weapons, munitions and also for discovering the missing and misplaced items.  

Objectives of weapons tracking systems

The following are the objectives of weapon tracking systems:

To give immediate issues concerning the weapon discovered

To give information about the officer under, the authority

To give haste information on the current place

To provide full details of the weapon status

These systems do not only give the positive information about the above objectives, but also negative facts when there are no issues arising about the weapon.

What do the tracking systems do?

The tracking systems work in such a way that it delivers records of firearm issues so as to be audited, managed and maintained after all. It also creates a full report on the actual time information gathered.

Weapons Intellect Tracking System

 These are devices that can communicate flawlessly and operate autonomously in the safe monitoring and the provision of security military and law enforcement. Some of these systems therefore include:

Real time ballistic analysis

Gunfire tracker

Bullet vest tracker

Real time ballistic analysis

System welfares:

It reports the times a  bullet has been fired

It detects the period in which a weapon has been drawn 

It detects whether the gunshots are inbound or outbound

It senses the hostile fire when near

Gunfire tracker

This system delivers an automated GPS for tracking the ballistic actions, place and time. It pins directly against the firearm rail system. The gunfire tracker can remotely be observed in real-time so as to analyze the first time the weapon was deployed, how many times was it fired, etc.

The gunfire therefore:

Helps the forensics to build a good picture of the event

Helps the central specialist unit to evaluate the incident as it was

Bullet vest tracker

This system delivers GPS tracking for velocity, time and position. It is built in bulletproof vest for quick responses.

It gives quick responses of a bullet and its details

It also helps the staffs to analyze data of a bullet

Benefits of weapon tracking systems

They ensure the development  and management of firearm matters through the RFID technology

The competences of systems can be extended to control and monitor access to the armory

The helps in the provision of audit trail reports which are much more meaningful

They provide a very tight control and management of weapons

The use of radio frequency and barcode labels helps a lot when it comes in record check. The RFID will help you to identify the place where the inventory is taking place and also to locate the missing weapon.


With the new technology, even officers don’t have to keep on notifying about the firefight incidences for the tracking systems have combatted the issue. The server too is always generating reports which will be required for future reference.