Militarity.com uses cookies in their web page. Cookies are used here to gain a deeper understanding on the clients’ tastes and preferences. Cookies are additionally used to improve on how the company identifies its clients.

What are cookies?

Cookies refer to data which is normally sent to users’ browsers. This data is stored in hard drives belonging to the individuals who were initially browsing. It is worth mentioning that cookies can be effectively utilized when computers are used for browsing. When you visit our website, cookies will help us to know your specifications during the website visit. The pattern of visiting our website would also be closely analyzed.

Cookies are of great benefit to our website since they help us to:

The good news that our website visitors ought to understand is that they have the freedom of accepting or rejecting the cookies. This is a configuration feature which can be easily adjusted on the browser being used by the website user. If a website user chooses to disable all cookies, this would mean that they would have to re-enter their personal details over and over again. This would be part of the requirement e.g. during log-ins. To avoid the bother of having to re-enter your personal details, it is recommended that you enable cookies on the browser you would be using.

Types of cookies

Essential cookies

Just as the name suggests, these cookies are considered to be very important in successful running of our site. Some sections of our site would not be functioning as desired without these cookies. Please note that essential cookies do not keep track of your browsing history over the internet. This implies that it would not be of any help in marketing products and services that we offer.

Functional cookies

Clients’ preferences can be obtained by using the functional cookies. With the help of functional cookies, personalized services can be offered to our clients. Information obtained here does not necessarily imply that it identifies exactly to the customer browsing through our website. Rather, only information is obtained and nothing else. Unlike essential cookies, functional cookies contribute to effective advertising in the website.

Analytical performance type

This type of cookies is used to find out whether our website is performing well over the internet. For instance, the page views statistics can be obtained using this type of cookie. The number of new visitors to the website can be fished from this type of cookie. Through this information, areas of the website which demand for additional maintenance can be pointed out.

Behavioral cookies

Just as the name suggests, tailored ads can be designed with the help of behavioral cookies. This happens because these cookies aid in analyzing the browsing behavior of website viewers. From the above, cookies are not such a bad thing altogether. The end benefit is that you the client would be getting the most out of the products and services that we offer. All you need to do is to enable the use of cookies in the browsers you use.