Privacy Policy

Militarity.com is a website that deals mostly in military related products and information which would be considered as important to most business organizations out there. Militarity.com is quite aware of the importance and benefits of privacy to the customers that rely on information provided by them. With the help of privacy policy, the website has a way of utilizing information obtained from its clients. At the same time, privacy policy ensures that the website discloses information in the most professional manner. As part of making sure that the website reaches numerous people out there, its pages can conveniently be accessed through mobile devices. In relation to this, it is worth noting that privacy policy also applies to the use of the website through such hand-held devices. Further details regarding our privacy policy are as briefly described:


As part of making certain that we offer top notch services to you, we try our level best to gather necessary information. Having mentioned this, we always make a point of collecting only information which is relevant and ensure that confidentiality is upholded. During the time of registration, you would be required to provide personal details including: your name, street address, mobile number, email address, date of birth, gender and other preferences that would be deemed necessary. There are other services that would require you to offer your financial details including your credit card numbers and bank account numbers. These details would be used as part of billing and further completion of pending transactions. Militarity.com understands how customers’ financial data can be delicate and measures are in place to safeguard such data from reaching the wrong hands. In order to enhance on service delivery, your general activities on Militarity.com would have to be recorded and analyzed. This information would later be used to learn more about the client’s personal preferences with regards to the products and services Militarity.com offers.


By offering Militarity.com with your personal data it is important to understand that your personal information would be used for:


There are certain situations where our organization would be required to disclose your personal details to third party organizations. In line with this, it is important to understand that these organizations are bound to embrace confidentiality in any information they obtain from our organization. Utilization of data offered would only be to provide service extensions to our esteemed customers. Other instances will demand that we disclose your personal data e.g. when demanded by law, the government, professional advisers etc. Therefore, as part of our privacy policy, you should agree to the fact that disclosure of your personal details during such instances would not be regarded as unethical or illegal. All in all, you ought to understand that your privacy is our priority.